Beautiful balayage.jpg
Hair up do.jpg
Hair transformation.jpg
Kamile ashy blonde.jpg
Erain up do xmas do.jpg
copper brown.jpg
Red is beautiful.jpg
Blonde full head foils.jpg
Ann Nguyen.jpg
Classic style with timeless shape.jpg
Trim and blow wave.jpg
Blow wave.jpg
Caramel balayage hair colour.jpg
Colour correction.jpg
Full head hair colour warm copper brown.jpg
Full head hair foils blonde.jpg
Hair cut and blow wave.jpg
Hair styling grand final.jpg
Hair styling.jpg
Messy bun stunning.jpg
Super thick heavy hair strong layer line in front fixed long layer hairstyle texture to soften hair regrowth with half haed hair foils.jpg
Surprise me not cut for 18 months Scott.jpg
Wash cut and blow wave.jpg
Balayage hair colour more blonde.jpg
colour correction.jpg
Concave long bob.jpg
Derby day hairstyle.jpg
Derby day.jpg
Frizzy hair to perm straightening.jpg
Full colour w dark ashy blonde and bob concave.jpg
Full head of foils and colour.jpg
Hair wash and blow waves.jpg
Messy chingon derby day.jpg
nanmah derby day.jpg
Red is hot.jpg
Saovon derby day.jpg
Up style for races.jpg
Results of Keratin treatment.jpg
Danni colour fix.jpg
Race day2.jpg
Race day hair.jpg
Race day ringlets.jpg
Ready for Oaks Day.jpg
Full head of foils.jpg
Bob cut.jpg
up style.jpg
Keratin soothing treatment.jpg
Ashy balayage on Asian hair.jpg
Stunning balayage from dark brown hair.jpg
Happy client.jpg
Colour and cut.jpg
Uniform layer haircut with chunky foils 2 colours.jpg
Balayage fix.jpg
Full head of foils.jpg
Hair of the week.jpg
Shoulder length blonde balayage.jpg
Up style by Anna.jpg
Trendy blunt lob haircut.jpg
blonde foils and cut.jpg
Keratin treatment.jpg
haircut and balayage.jpg
Dark balayage.jpg
Blonde balayage.jpg
Beautiful blonde balayage.jpg
Dark to blonde balayage.jpg
Straight light balayage.jpg
Mid dark balayage.jpg
Blonde transformation.jpg
Colour correction dark brown blonde.jpg
Racing 1.jpg
Racing 2.jpg
Racing 3.jpg
Racing 4.jpg
Blonde ringlets.jpg
Black messy tie.jpg
B&W bun.jpg
Red knot up.jpg
Brown knot up.jpg
Lovely blonde curly tie up.jpg
Wavy tie back.jpg
Fab colour work.jpg
Love this color.jpg
Balayage done by Anna.jpg
Melb 2 2016.jpg
Melb 3 2016.jpg
Melb 4 2016.jpg
Melb 6 2016.jpg
Melb Cup 2016.jpg
Nov 2 2016.jpg
Nov 3 2016.jpg
Nov 4 2016.jpg
Nov 5 2016.jpg
Nov 6 2016.jpg
Nov 7 2016.jpg
Nov 2016.jpg
Hair colour and styling.jpg
oaks day 1.jpg
oaks day 2.jpg
oaks day 3.jpg
oaks day 4.jpg
oaks day 5.jpg
Gorgeous hair-up do.jpg
Unique styling.jpg
Ashy blue.jpg
ashy pink.jpg
Beautiful rose gold.jpg
Full head of of foils and colour.jpg
Beautiful balayage. smokey grey.jpg
Cox Plate.jpg
Metallic ash.jpg
Rose gold.jpg
Ashy blonde from choc brown.jpg
Full head of foils with Olapex.jpg
Rose gold.jpg
Hair by A&J Hair Trendz.jpg
White blonde.jpg
Icy blonde.jpg
Ashy blonde balayage.jpg
Ashy brown balayage.jpg
Caramel blonde balayage.jpg
Hair colour correction.jpg
Beautiful soft blend balayage.jpg
Hair colour Friday 9th Feb balayage darkashgrey.jpg
rose gold.jpg
Carmens gone darker.jpg
Hair colour by A&J.jpg
Hair-up do.jpg
Nice style.jpg
Rose gold balayage.jpg
Hair colour.jpg
Colour correction.jpg
Formal hairup do.jpg
Mushroom brown.jpg
Rose gold.jpg
Ashy grey balayage.jpg
Beautiful balayage.jpg
Foils and lilac toner.jpg
Platinum blonde.jpg
Rose copper.jpg
up do.jpg
Dark ash balayage.jpg
Michelle from Queensland.jpg
Pink hair colour.jpg
Ashy grey balayage.jpg
Icy blonde.jpg
Full head of foils.jpg
Honey blonde.jpg
Rose gold.jpg
Smokey pink.jpg
Ashy grey.jpg
Abby & Harley hair colour.jpg
rose gold short.jpg
Melbourne Cup 2.jpg
Melbourne Cup 3.jpg
Melbourne Cup up style.jpg
Dark ash grey balayage.jpg
Bright orange colour correction.jpg
Exceptional hair colour.jpg
Hair cut and colour.jpg
Light brown balayage.jpg
Up do blonde.jpg
Up do for races.jpg
Up do.jpg
ashy blonde.jpg
ashy grey.jpg
autumn winter hair.jpg
balayage colour correction.jpg
caramel blonde.jpg
caramel honey blonde.jpg
colour correction balayage.jpg
dark grey.jpg
full head of foils.jpg
hair colour and cut.jpg
hair colour.jpg
hair up do.jpg
happy easter.jpg
long hair styles.jpg
saryna key.jpg